I am sooooo pleased to announce that the fantastic online TV show our Yr10 pupils produced last year, the one and only “EM Spectrum Show“, was awarded first prize at the Guardian Classroom Innovation Awards at BETT 2011!

My Yr10 students put together a really creative programme of resources that we used to broadcast live as our “EM Spectrum Show!” on the 17th December 2009. The original plan was to broadcast from the school, but unfortunately our school network filtered the stream from our classroom, so my students and I decided to record their work and broadcast the show live from my house. In many ways this turned out to be a very valuable alternative, because it meant the world to our children to be able to watch the show from their houses and know that leading Educators like, Les Foltos (Director of edLAB Puget Sound Center for Teaching), from across the globe were watching and praising the educational value of their work. Also, the students’ parents could watch the show with their children and become involved and engaged with their learning on a completely new level.
What I like most about this project is that our children chose to use free software for the majority of their work, but still produced a really engaging, creative, rich and fun programme that contained a wealth of really good Science in it! We used mainly free Microsoft software like Photo Story 3, Songsmith, Movie Maker and Community Clips, and we created our very own online TV Channel with Livestream (http://www.livestream.com/croesyphysics). Some people get the impression that to create really innovative and engaging activities for our children they need state of the art equipment and spend large sums of money, but I believe this project proves just the opposite. In fact, all our students had was a laptop between two, or three, and a headset with microphone and still got involved in true active learning!
Winning the Guardian Classroom Innovation Awards is simply amazing, because we know we were against other fantastic projects.
We would like to thank all the people who supported and believed in our project and especially ASUS for their overwhelming generosity, which will allow us to continue to engage even more regularly in projects like this one! In fact, we will now have the really difficult task to choose from their amazing range of great hardware and spend the £7500 award they so kindly offered to support these awards. By sponsoring an initiative like the Guardian Classroom Innovation Awards ASUS has shown that they put innovation and education at the heart of what they do and I am proud to be sponsored by such a company!
  1. OllieBray says:

    Great news! Well done. Nice to see you last week. Ollie

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  3. Stuart says:

    Well done mate… Great stuff and well deserved….

    • Alessio Bernardelli says:

      Thanks mate! The children worked really hard on this project and made me really proud of being their teacher 🙂

  4. Peter Hirst says:

    Congratulations! We met at #ukief10 I think, or atleast I heard you speak. I was working with King Edward VI school, one of the other two finalists on their entry to the comp. Good luck with your future projects!

    • Alessio Bernardelli says:

      Thanks! All the best to you too. I really liked King Edwards VI project! What was your involvement in their project? I am sure we met and your name is very familiar, but I cannot place it on a face, because there were so many people at the #ukief10!

      • Peter Hirst says:

        I run every1speaks and we provided the software to the school. We were exhibiting at BETT and I’ve spoken at a couple of TeachMeets and the TES stand during BETT. They were using it during teh BETA test stage but we actually launch today, I can email you our stuff if you’re interested? Follow me @every1speaks on twitter and DM me your email add if you don’t want to publish here…

  5. Neil atkin says:

    Well done to you all!

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