Dabblerr – the ultimate personalization of learning?

Posted: January 27, 2011 in new technologies, Thoughts and ideas
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I had the great pleasure of meeting a fellow Italian at Collabor8 4 Change during BETT 2011 who introduced me to one of the most innovative ideas I have come across recently, Dabblerr.

Silvia Lombardo (silvia@dabblerr.com) is the Vice President of Communication e Co-Founder and this is what she says about Dabblerr:

“At Dabblerr you have the chance to post anything you’d want to learn from any expert suggested by you,

of your choice at no cost. Once a high demand is reached we’ll inform the expert to organise a live
online training session with him/her at no cost for our users.  It is a win-win enabler which flipped
the traditional educational system to make it by demand. The website will be also used for
statistics/marketing research purposes, as we will be inserting graphs and charts.
It is a crowdsourcing educational model invented by TED fellow, inventor, entrepreneur, innovator Apurv Mishra.
We are looking for publicity or just simply knowing what you’d love to learn.”
Wouldn’t it be great if, whilst studying English Literature, your students could ask J.K. Rowling how to write a book? And have a real interaction with her?
Have a look at their website for some inspiration, and if there is anything that you and/or your students want to learn from the source, then just ask and you might build enough interest to actually get your wish!
I think Dabblerr is a really interesting way to personalize learning and if they crack it, this could really transform the way people learn about things and, in particular, about what they are really interested about!

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