The IoP Update TeachMeet (Bristol 2011) #TMIoP

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

This morning I drove to Bristol to facilitate a lovely TeachMeet organised by the really thorough Manchi from the Institute of Physics. This was the first subject specific TeachMeet I had seen… well the first I could actually understand, because the first one I witnessed was for Welsh 2nd Language teachers 😉

We had the ambition of broadcasting the event live and I had done this before many times with NGfL Cymru (in fact, we used their Livestream Channel), but the reception on my 3G dongle in the lecture room where the TeachMeet was held was very poor, so the videos are only available in Mobile Quality. This means that you can watch the videos on demand even from a smart phone, but the quality of the video and the frame rate is not the best. I hope you will still enjoy watching what we could stream, because the presentations were all really inspiring. I would have hoped for better reception, as I believe broadcasting events like this TeachMeet is a great asset for educators worldwide. In fact, you can use some of the ideas you can now watch on demand in your classroom, with your deparments during departmental meetings, or even with your whole school during INSET days. However, the most important people at these event (although it is very nice to have people being able to follow from anywhere) are the attendees and presenters, as without them there wouldn’t be a TeachMeet and it is also about the power of networking with each other and share ideas and good practice during and after the event! So, my Phylosophy on broadcasting is always “We’ll give it a go and we’ll do our best to broadcast, but if it doesn’t work we still have some great educators here with us!”

So, if you are still interested in catching up with what went on this morning in Bristol Univesity, you can go to the NGfL Cymru Live channel on Livestream here and you will find all the bits we could broadcast as on demand clips that you can click on and watch at your leisure. They are named TeachMeet IoP 1 to 17 as my connection kept breaking 😦 but I managed to capture the most of each presentation and for the majority all of them. These clips are just below the main screen as you get to our online channel. A word of warning! When you open a new clip you get some adverts that last a few seconds, so don’t give up… the clip will eventually begin.

Below are the presentations from some of the presenters which you can download.

Andrew Bruno – Teaching Circuit Electricity

Andy Haywood – Capturing Interest

Owen Grinter – DVD Spectroscopes

Yeasmin Mortuza – Dynamo Lamp as a StarterDynamo Lamp

Helen Rayner – Finding the speed of sound in air

Alessio Bernardelli (@asober) – Death by Prezi and Kinetic Theory Mind Map (in Prezi)

Kevin Betts – Hoverboard (see video below)

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