In my previous post I showed the first part of my boys’
story mind map, i.e. the mind map we designed together to tell the story they
were creating. We used iMindMap 5 because we wanted eventually to narrate their
story by recording audio comments on branches. That turned out to be a really
effective and creative process. Having the mind map as their main structure for
the story allowed the boys (4 and 6) to not only see the whole picture, but
also to break down the story in little chunks that they could narrate very
easily. In fact, on each branch they could record their voices narrating what
the branches represented. This was telling the story itself and by playing back
each branch’s audio comment they could listen to their story and show Mamma
(Italian for Mum) their creation and impress her!

We couldn’t upload the new version of their mind map (with
audio comments) on Biggerplate, because it is too big, but you can watch a video of their narrated story below.

I believe that this process could be extremely useful in
story writing, as it helps learners to design a coherent story and see how the
whole story unfolds in their mind map, as well as splitting the story into
branches that the learners can narrate. It will then become very easy to
transfer their story from their iMindMap 5 audio maps into paper, or a blog!

Please, leave a comment to my boys mind map, as they will be
very pleased to see others appreciate their work!


  1. Absolutely fabulous stuff boys! I think I might use mind maps with some of my pupils next term.

  2. What a fantastic idea. It looks like this type of mind mapping really let the boys’ imaginations run wild. I like the idea of using the mindmap as a stimulus for retelling the story too… you might get a different ending each time!

  3. Karen Jones says:

    Thank you to all the Bernardelli boys for a fabulous story, I enjoyed listening very much and also thought that you had chosen great images to go on each branch of your mind map. I’m sure that mum,dad and your younger brother enjoyed it very much too!
    If you are interested in different types of writing, other than stories, tell dad to look up something called ‘skeletons’ by Sue Palmer. They are great!
    I’m looking forward to your next story, please can you think of one about the seaside because that’s my favourite place!
    Thanks again, and keep making great stories

  4. What a great story and a wonderful way to tell it with a mind map.

    Well done to the boys; I am very impressed 🙂

  5. We have been exploring ways to write stories and have been looking at Create Your Own Adventures. We ended up planning our stories on big pieces are sugar paper. Next time, we will be mind mapping our ways forward.

    Perhaps we could get you guys to map the idea and we will write up the narrative / story. It is always good to share.

    One last thought, take a look at – I am sure you will enjoy yourself.

    Top draw!

  6. What a great way to tell a story! It’s so interesting to see how you planned your story and then to hear your voices is amazing. Your story has helped me start my day (it’s raining here!) with a big smile! Thankyou 🙂

  7. […] Creative Story Writing with iMindMap 5! In my previous post I showed the first part of my boys' story mind map, i.e. the mind map we designed together to tell the story they were creating. We used iMindMap 5 because we wanted eventuall… (Creative Story Writing with iMindMap 5! Source: […]

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