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I was really surprised and pleased to receive an invitation from two personal heroes of mine, Tim and Moby, after I pointed @BrainPOP_UK towards my Blog post “Blowing Head“, which generated much discussion and constructive feedback from so many of you who still follow my waffle on this Blog 😉
Apparently BrainPOP UK was looking for some resources to go with their Starship BrainPOP, their space focussed collection of topics, and they asked me to put something together along the lines of my two recent Blog posts about unprotected bodies in space. It was great fun to think about some activities for this task and I have to admit I wouldn’t have made it without the kind contributions of all the people who posted, or emailed comments, links and were willing to share their knowledge and opinions, so thanks to you all.
Anyway, I think the resources came out quite nice and there should be plenty of opportunities for learners to develop thinking and think critically. You can find these resources I made on BrainPOP Talk here.
Please let me know what you think of them.